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Custom-Made Shoes & Orthotics Made

On-Site Since 1977

The First Father & Son



Board-Certified & Licensed Pedorthists in the History of Pittsburgh!

Custom-Molded Shoes

Give your feet relief from bunions, hammer toes,  swelling, heel pain, diabetes, arthritis, callouses & more ! 

Custom-Molded Orthotics

Give your feet relief from bunions,

plantar fasciitis, flat feet, heel pain, diabetes, neuromas, callouses & more!

2018 Best Shoe Store Winner
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Custom Orthotics
Gold Medal Winner
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These suggestions below are some common foot ailments we come across.


Please visit us if you are in the area for a complete free evaluation of your feet and shoes.

Heel Pain
Heel Pain

Wearing shoes with arch supports and properly fitted shoes help relieve heel pain.

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Hammer Toes
Hammer Toes

Deep toe box and multiple width shoe helps relieve the pain from hammer toes.

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Plantar fasciitis
Plantar fasciitis

Ready made or custom made orthotics help relieve the symptoms. Also, stretching will help limit some of the discomfort.

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Properly fiited shoes along with inserts or orthotics help relieves the pressure.

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Deep toe boxes with roomy forefoot area in shoes helps relieve the pain from bunions.

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Ball of the foot pain
Ball of the foot pain

Multiple width shoes with the proper support underneath the foot will help relieve the pain

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- Ready-Made Orthotics are also available and may be enough support & correction for your individual foot problems. Relief for bunions, flat feet, shin splints, heel spurs, neuromas, plantar fasciitis and more! 


- Looking for your favorite  Birkenstock shoes, sandals and orthotics? We probably have them at our store. We also make Custom Birkenstocks!





We still make HOUSE CALLS!


We visit private homes, nursing homes, hospitals and personal care homes.



BEST-MADE SHOES is a provider for most major Medicare & HMO plans for

Diabetic Footwear


Call or email to find out if you are eligible for

shoes at little or no cost!






Happy Customer - 25 years

A happy customer for over 25 years


Getting a cast for her new custom made shoes! 


Judy Behrendt, West Virginia


 I received my brown boots about a week ago. Tried them on and was very pleased with all of the work that you have done on them to refurbish the inside and replace the soles and heels. 


I appreciated you helping me out with these shoes and look forward to working with you in the future when I need new ones. 

A. S. Gordon, Georgia

Although I live in Georgia, I shop at Pittsburgh's

Best-Made Shoes! Why?


Because it's all in the fit and style when you have challenging feet that must take you to work, play and special events. Thank you for using your expertise and knowledge to properly measure my feet and make recommendations.


Each time I've gotten well- fitting custom orthotics and shoes that give my feet support during exercise, shopping, keeping house and everything else I do. Thank you for repeated years of service.

Gloria Dadowski, Pittsburgh

This is my 3rd year of purchasing shoes with custom orthotics.


I love the comfort that they give my feet. It's a pleasure to walk around anywhere without any pain.


I'm so glad that they are located in the city. Kudos to Best-Made Shoes.

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