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Beautiful Nature

Danielle Novick

I was starting to believe that my feet would always hurt, especially while running. Turns out I simply needed the expertise of Best Made Shoes (versus the internet) to recommend the best shoes for my feet! I spent the summer and fall of 2020 running and walking without pain :) Thank you!

Beautiful Nature

Katherine Schwartz

Oh my goodness Its like day and night. I couldnt figure out why my soles/heels were so painful when I got out of bed in the morning. This went on for yrs until someone told me about the father and son duo who specialized in fixing this issue with orthodics. I went to their store and explained my pain. They took a mold of my feet which they used to make a pair of orthodics. It was a miracle. I was able to walk pain free. I joined my friends on morning walks which I wasn't able to do prior to wearing orthodics made by Best Made Shoes or Best Made Feet!!

Beautiful Nature

 Robert Schneider

My Feet have never felt so good since I have been wearing diabetic socks snd tennis shoes . The men take their time to fit you properly and always have a smile on their face . It’s an excellent place to get all your shoe needs

Thank You To The BEST Customers!
Testimonials from the past 47 years!

You guys are the best! Thanks for the great shoes!  Michelle G.

Gosh, what can I say that will effectively tell you how my custom-molded shoes have changed my life. Not to be too effusive, but your shoes have enabled me to join the mainstream, just walking along with no pain. And, I assure you, it has been many, many years since I could walk thusly. I don't think "miracle" is too over the top. Keep up the good work and thanks from the bottom of my soles!!! 



Dee McAllonis

Pittsburgh, PA

 A heartfelt thank you for the repairs to my birkenstocks and for fixing the extra birks I sent. My old birks look brand new. I was thrilled when I got them back; and the speed of service was an extra plus. I do apologize for being so slow in sending my appreciation. America needs more of your services. Thanks



Claudia Diethorn

Hemingway, SC

I have recommended you to my friends and I personally expect to continue to have you make shoes for me in the future. Again, please thank everyone at Best-Made. Your shoes and boots truly are"Best Made".  

Ron Ezuck

Columbia Heights, MN

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We've been coming here for over

10 years! Thank you for everything you do!

Sue & Ron Bebb

I got shoes from you years ago and they were the best shoes I've ever worn! I came back for more arch supports. Thank You. 


 (Wife of Famous Pittsburgher Joe Chiodo of Chiodo's Tavern)​


Florence Chiodo

Pittsburgh, PA

In the past 15 years I have patronized custom shoe stores in Portland, OR, - Caramel, CA - San Francisco, CA and Best-Made Shoes in Pittsburgh. And I must say I am most happy with Best-Made Shoe's service, selection and support. 


Best-Made Shoes has always come through where others have failed. They are experts in their field AND provide excellent customer service.... hard to find these days. Again thank you very much for your years of service and support - A very satisfied customer.


David Ferri

Aptos, CA

I just had to let you know that after I left your store, I walked around the Strip and then Giant Eagle for over an hour in my new Alegrias- no hint of toe pain at all. Came home and changed into my new sneaks and comfy socks and went for a 2+ mile walk. Again, no hint of any burning or toe pain! Woohoo! You ARE my new hero.


Thank you from the bottom of my sole ( bet you've heard that before :>) for your patience and caring. I am already thinking about which sandals I want for summer! See you in a couple of months. Thank you so much.



Nancy Bergman

Pittsburgh, PA

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You have wonderful shoes that feel great! That's why I've come back here for so many years! " Eva Szabo of Eva Szabo Spas

The orthotics and shoes you gave me worked great! My feet are so happy. It's been two years and my feet feel incredible! Thank you for your time and patience. It is nice talking with people who actually know about feet and shoes. Thank You!

Lola Buchan

Kittanning, PA

I want to thank you for taking the time to submit the medicare form for my mother-in-law.  I also wanted to let you know her feet feel 100% better. She is able to walk much better and with a lot less pain. I'm just sorry that I didn't get to you sooner.

Marsha Merinar

Wheeling, WV

I only come to Pittsburgh for two things - to see you 

to make my custom orthotics and to visit my friends who live there.



Roslyn Bendet

Santa Barbara, CA

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You measured my feet! No one does that anymore. The shoes have really helped my feet. My podiatrist was very impressed with the improvement I have experienced in the last few weeks. God Bless you and have a wonderful holiday. 


Kathy Atkins

Salem, VA

I live in Baltimore, but was in Pittsburgh on business. I was in desperate need of help. I showed up at Best Made Shoes one Saturday morning wearing my over priced, ill fitting shoes with custom made orthotics from Baltimore that did nothing but cause me pain and trouble! 


I met Gene and he is a genius in my book! He listened to my sad story, proceeded to smile,and whistle as he worked, totally putting me a ease and giving me confidence that he could help me when I had been seekinghelp from others for over 2 months! Gene provided me with comfortable, proper fitting orthotics and shoes at a reasonable price that are heaven to wear!


I was so impressed by the skill, knowledge and customer service that I received at Best Made Shoes that I will always make the 4 hour drive to Pittsburgh to get my shoes and orthotics from Best Made! I seriously feel like you gave me a large part of my life back by getting me into shoes that totally work for me and allow me to go about the business of living my life! Thank you so much!! 


Pam Flemke

Baltimore, MD

To the "BEST-MADE SHOES" & Gene!


-Dr. Thomas Starzl, World-Famous Transplant Surgeon



Dr. Thomas Starzl

Pittsburgh, PA

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Dear Marc, wanted to let you know that the shoes arrived this Tuesday morning, in perfect condition; not bad at all your postal services ! The shoes fit perfectly and I am very happy,


 I have such trouble fitting my orthotic into any other shoes. I seem to always buy the same model, imagine that I could not find one pair in the whole of Australia. Again thank you for all of your help. I really appreciate it.  

Helen Berger


By the way, the last birks you modified for me were PERFECT!




Charles Robrecht

North Carolina

Thank you so much! I moved from Pittsburgh to Colorado and I needed my shoes fixed for my wedding in Sept. 2004. No one in Colorado could help me and I came all the way back to Pittsburgh! You did a FANTASTIC JOB!  

Rachel and Steve Beck


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"Thank you so much for helping me! 

I really appreciate everything you do." 

- Pudge

You do make the "Best-Made Shoes" in the USA. I am still wearing the original black shoes you made for me 10 or 11 yrs ago, and they still fit. I will be ordering a new pair of custom-made shoes which will be my 16th pair from you. Thanks  

Helen Wright

Vero Beach, FL

I had plantar fasciitis pain for 3 months and I came to your store. In 2 days after going to your store my pain was gone!




Joseph Cortazzo

Pittsburgh, PA

I came into your shop about a month ago, and never really had someone fit a shoe to my foot before. THANK YOU.. I bought 3 pairs that day and the best is Birkenstock. Also, the NEW BALANCE in AA width, there was never a shoe store that ever told me they made AA shoes-- Thanks Again.

Isobel Flynn

Pittsburgh, PA

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These shoes are great! My life has changed! My family notices the difference. I notice the difference. I am so glad I found out about your store. I am only coming to you for all of my shoes. 

Andrew Miller, M.D

Pittsburgh, PA

The only reason that I am walking is because of Best-Made Shoes! I told my doctor that, and told her to send her patients here! You guys are the best! 




Carol Ferguson

Philadelphia, PA

Step into 2009 with B.M.S. (Best-Made Shoes) on your feet! Peace!


Wyatt Ruther El

Acapulco, Mexico

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I've been coming here for over 37 years! You guys have kept me walking! -Andy C.

I can't believe we found shoes that fit! We've been everywhere and nobody has what you have! Thank you so much!

Bridgett Reinerth

Kenna, WV

Birkenstock shoes are the only shoes that I can wear all day without my feet hurting at all! Best-Made Shoes has the largest selection in stock and the SERVICE IS GREAT - They do repairs on site and will order anything you want. 


Sandi McMaster

Pittsburgh, PA

I was standing in line at my drugstore back home. I was complaining about my sore feet. The women in front of me told me about your store and that is how I came here originally. And that was years ago! I only come here for all my shoes! 


Cathy Caughey

Finleyville, PA

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As I order my second pair of "Best-Made Shoes", I pause to reflect that this is one of the most worthwhile purchases I have ever made in my life. As a surgeon, you must wear comfortable shoes and not have tired, aching feet. You need complete concentration on the work at hand and not worry about sore feet. I'm grateful to you and I'm sure your customers are too. 

Marion B. Tallent, M.D.

Nashville, TN

I was in your store in June 2002 and bought 3 pairs of shoes from your store. I appreciated the service I received in your store and found both of the people I dealt with to be very helpful, low-key and informative. When I am in Pittsburgh, I'm sure I'll stop in again.


Judy Denberg

Marlborough, CT

The"Best-Made Shoes"you had made in January are truly"The Best-Made Shoes"I ever had. I have tremendous relief and I cannot thank you & your staff enough for doing such a terrific job. God Bless You!!

Sister Mary Leonard Peskus

Pittsburgh, PA

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I’ve had 3 surgeries on my feet to repair damage from osteoarthritis. I thought foot pain was just something I had to learn to live with. I went for my 1 year check up post total ankle replacement surgery only to find out that arthritis has attacked a joint in my heal and that another fusion surgery is needed to fix it. There is no way I’m having more surgery right now. I had 2 surgeries within 6 months over a year ago and have still not fully recovered. I still don’t have total feeling back. Nerves are still trying to find a path to “regenerate”. So I left my doctor’s office with a cortisone shot and another brace. I was devastated at the thought of more surgery. I’m on the board of the Arthritis Foundation so I sought advice from my fellow board members. One of whom is a retired occupational therapist and she recommended Best Made Shoes. Best advice I’ve ever received. I bought 2 pairs of shoes and ordered 2 more. It is so wonderful to be able to walk with little to no discomfort. Wow! Shoes that fit properly. I'm so happy!! I'm walking normally, no limp. I don't know how to express my overwhelming satisfaction. Who knew wearing shoes that actually fit properly could change my life. I wore the athletic shoes all day Saturday (shopping) and Sunday (house cleaning and laundry). I was able to do in one day what would have taken me 3 weekends of as much discomfort as I could tolerate. I couldn't wait for winter to wear the black rocker shoes, so I picked out a black outfit to wear today so I could wear them. These shoes are perfect. I can’t get over that I’m walking normally with no pain. Marc, the certified pedorthist, at Best Made Shoes knows his stuff. He measured my feet. I explained the discomfort I was experiencing and he knew exactly which shoe would be best for me. He knows his products intimately – which manufacturers tend to run large or run small or run narrow, etc. I bought shoes right off the shelf. But if I need customized fittings for any of my purchases Best Made Shoes can do that for me. They can even make totally custom fitted shoes if I needed it. Best Made Shoes is the best shoe buying experience I’ve ever had. You have to go there! It is so worth it!  (June, 2012)


Deborah Thomas

Pittsburgh, PA

Recently I wanted a pair of Birk's Madrid in regular width with a soft footbed. Couldn't get them from the Birkenstock web site but Marc was able to get the shoes, put the soft footbed in the and ship them to me. I'll never get shoes anywhere else! 



Cindy Smith

Pittsburgh, PA

Just received my Birkenstock Arizonas. They are perfect in every way! Thanks...I'm so glad I stopped by when I was passing through Pittsburgh. Best-Made will always be on my list whenever I am back in the 'burgh. 

Randall Okey

New York

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If you have want excellent-quality shoes, then go to Best Made Shoes on Liberty Ave. in Bloomfield. Marc is the third generation of his family to run the shop. The dedication and expertise of the family-run business is evident every time I visit Best Made in search of shoes to alleviate my musculoskeletal pain. Marc and his father's attention to my needs and their knowledge about a foot's proper alignment is impressive. They consistently take time with each customer and have identified unique socks, orthotics and shoes that greatly alleviate my arthritis pain. In fact, my Best Made shoes have improved my stride so greatly that I have decreased the frequency between "maintenance" podiatrist visits. My investment in shoes at Best Made probably is the best decision I've made for myself this year. Thanks, Marc!  


Laura G.

Pittsburgh, PA

I just have to express how thrilled I am with the repair work that Best-Made Shoes performed on the heels of my Dansko/Sanitas. I had contacted Dansko and they told me that they could not repair my shoes. They thanked me for contacting them by sending me two ten-dollar gift certs. I was not very impressed. Determined to get help for my shoes, I googled Dansko Repair and up came Best-Made Shoes. I emailed them and told them that one of my heels crumbled and my soles were worn. I sent them my shoes per their request. They called me and told me that they could repair my shoes for a little less than half the cost of a brand new pair. Since the leather on my shoes is in perfect condition I told them to go ahead and I started doing the Happy Dance. I was informed that the heels would not look perfect because the crumbling rubber part had to be filled in and then new soles would be placed on both shoes. I said, "Do it!" I got them back a week later and started wearing my shoes right away because I missed them so much. They are right, the heel part isn't perfect, but no one would ever notice and I got my old shoes back! No breaking in period. They feel awesome. I hope they stand up another ten years. Now I have the chance to find out! Thank You Best-Made Shoes. I give you five stars for your great work and your professionalism. I would recommend anyone to send their broken Dansko shoes to you if they just can't bear to part with them or there is still some kind of life left in them.





After years of struggling to find shoes that would properly fit my leg braces, meeting the great people of Best Made Shoes changed my life. Best Made Shoes were not able to find just one pair of shoes that would fit -- but, they were able to supply me with dress shoes, boots, and sandals -- all shoes that I was never able to wear with my leg braces before coming to their store. I highly recommend Best Made Shoes to anyone who utilizes an orthotic, or to anyone who has difficulty finding shoes due to an orthopedic condition. In addition to being knowledgeable about properly fitting and making shoes, the people of Best Made Shoes are also patient and kind, and prompt in their service. I buy all of my shoes from Best Made Shoes, and highly recommend that anyone who has difficulty walking do the same! (2013)

Kristin Antolini

Wheeling, WV

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I have ordered a number of pairs of custom shoes from Best-Made over the years. Their work is outstanding as can be attested to by the fact that I keep returning to them year after year. I am fairly picky and I have made numerous requests for modifications. They have always been accommodating and have exceeded my expectations. I would recommend them highly. Ron Ezuck - Minnesota -  1/4/2014

Ron Ezuck


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  Due to the discomfort and pain of hammertoes, I had been buying the wrong size shoe. Marc fit me in the correct size, then added a Birkenstock orthotic and I felt like I had bought new feet! 

- Michelle Jeffers


Love my Alegrias! My feet FINALLY feel good! Thank you! You guys are the friendliest most helpful service around! - Denise D. Miller



I am a Registered Nurse, which requires me to work busy 12+ hour shifts on my feet. I purchased my first pair of Allegria shoes at your store last year, and absolutely love them. I still receive many compliments on my shoes, both from patients and fellow nurses. I highly recommend Allegria to anyone who needs a comfortable and functional shoe, while still remaining fashionable. Now I can focus fully on my patients at work and do not have to worry about how bad my feet ache during my shift; thank you so much!   - Chelsie Snyder



Love your shoes!!! You are a sole-saver!!! - Karen Maurer


You put insoles in my shoes and found a pair of Finn Comforts and now I can walk and walk! - Jane Dayton


Expert fitters, good products, and skillful repairs add up to a truly unique shoe store that is known well beyond Pittsburgh! 

- Judy Rosenstreich



My feet never knew what they were missing - Daniel Nist



Love your shoes. They truly are the best-made. I often tell my friends about your store. - Martha Jackson



I have trouble with my arches, they are falling a bit from a lifetime of aerobic exercise, (jumping). Your shoes transformed my life. My feet and legs no longer ache after a walk. Thank You! - have trouble with my arches, they are falling a bit from a lifetime of aerobic exercise, (jumping). Your shoes transformed my life. My feet and legs no longer ache after a walk. Thank You! - Catherine Lafferty 



Best Made Shoes is awesome! I receive compliments on my Alegria shoes almost every time I wear them. I am on my feet all day at work and they are so comfortable!! - Tenley Bower



My brother has diabetes and his feet swell up and hurt all the time. Your shoes made it possible for him to enjoy walks in the park. Thank you! - 

Dmitriy Korabelnikov


You finally found me shoes that fit my feet and have all but resolved my foot pain! Thank you!  -Paul Corrie


I was minutes away from throwing a pile of money at the Good Feet store when my husband suggested that I "think about it." That thinking lead me to your store, where I've been a very happy and loyal customer ever since. Happy Anniversary, and thanks! - Betsy Gerson


Alegria shoes saved me from another fusion surgery on my left ankle. Couldn't be happier. -Debbie Thomas



Came in with lots of pain day and night and within a week of wearing my new balance shoes the pain was gone. It is now one year still wear the shoes and no pain. Time for new ones! - Adele Simile


We love your store! . - Oliva Mayers


Finally have located properly fitted shoes that work for me after many years of trying, thank you so much. - Roberta Latwin

5 stars - My mom and I visited Best-Made Shoes in Bloomfield. She has a lot of joint problems and has a very difficult time finding comfortable shoes that also provide adequate stability and she was able to find everything she needed at this store. Marc is extremely knowledgeable and actually helped even out her different leg lengths with an insert to hopefully promote less pain and better stability. He exhibited extreme patience while determining the best shoe and fit for my mom and it was a wonderful experience for both of us. Best-Made Shoes is the only place we'll shop for her footwear. Since our first visit she has gone back twice for additional styles and each of those visits was equally rewarding as far as customer service and quality of their products. - Judith Moscov 

5 stars - Mailed in my husbands Birkenstock for new cork & soles and they did a great job for less than what a new pair would cost. And they were very fast to return them. - Elizabeth Haydel


Name: Kathleen Trautmann

Subject: Plantar Fasciitis

Message: I was having pain in my right heel due to plantar fasciitis. No matter what shoes I put on, I wasn't able to get any type of relief. Walking was so uncomfortable. I wondered if I would ever get any relief. I happened to be in Pittsburgh visiting family and we stopped in at Best-Made shoes. I explained the pain I had in my right heel and that no shoes that I owned felt comfortable. I tried on a couple of shoes that were suggested by Marc. I found a pair of Alegria shoes that I could wear to work that were comfortable and provided my right heal with the support that it needed. I also found a pair of New Balance athletic shoes with wonderful cushion in the heel. My plantar fasciitis finally went away but any time I feel that I need that extra support, I have two pair of "Go-To" shoes in my closet that do the job.

Name: Amanda Woodside

Subject: Thank you, sole savers!

Message: My feet were KILLING me spending 12+ hours on my feet working in the hospital. My podiatrist prescribed custom inserts for $400 out-of-pocket. Best-Made Shoes made custom inserts and fitted me with a heel lift and supportive shoes for less than half of what my podiatrist wanted. My feet and wallet are happy and thank Best-Made!

Name: Felix

Subject: Saved my soles.

Message: I got diabetic shoes from you and my feet are no longer sore and tired. Your shoes are super comfortable and durable and have saved my soles.

Name: William A Ogorodny

Subject: Best shoes

Message: Thanks for getting the correct size of shoes for me! I appreciate the personalized service.

Name: Claudia Deithorn

Subject: Arches!

Message: I brought my Birkenstock’s in for new soles. When you saw the wear pattern on the sole, you immediately new you had to look at and measure both feet. You created a little arch that you inserted into the left shoe. This corrected uneven wear on sole and helped with knee pain. You have also let me ship you my shoes and return them to me in South Carolina after repairs were completed. I may not miss cold weather but Best Made Shoes is high on the list of things I miss in the Pgh area. Thanks so very much!

Name: Jonelle Krise

Subject: Best Made Shoes helped me get my independence back

Message: I am used to feeling pain when I walk; that has been my normal for 20+ years of my life. Super flat feet are common in my family, and I just so happened to get that gene. Shoes never really seemed to fit correctly no matter where I shopped. Every single department store, big box shoe store, and everywhere in-between where I have every purchased shoes never had shoes that fit me properly. Even when seeing a podiatrist who prescribed custom orthotics to me, I could never find a shoe that seemed to fit with the orthotics nicely. Over time, I just accepted that as my reality. After living in Bloomfield for several years, I decided to stop in to Best Made Shoes on a whim last summer; I had not purchased sneakers for myself in years and wanted to support a local business. I was kindly greeted when I walked in the door, I explained my issues and what I was looking for, and the person working - who was incredibly friendly, attentive, patient, and professional - went to the back and came out with the perfect pair of sneakers.


They professionally sized my feet, and it turns out I was never even wearing the correct shoe size! Rather than a 10 wide, I was fitted to a 9.5 extra wide which I would have never known; most places do not even carry extra wide shoes. They found a pair of sneakers for me within minutes - literally the first pair brought out to me - after spending most of my life unsuccessfully finding any shoe that felt supportive and comfortable to my unusually flat feet. I never ever expected to leave that store with an instant feeling of hope, comfort, and painless walking. It felt almost too good to be true - like a fairy tale for my feet!


Six months later, I am still amazed by how much just a pair of shoes and this local business changed my everyday life. I never walked much around my neighborhood because it was painful. Around the same time I purchased the shoes, I was going through a breakup with my partner of 10 years. I do not own my own car, so when my partner and I separated, I no longer had transportation readily available to me; I had no option but to walk everywhere. Filled with dread about this new lifestyle that would equate to increased physical pain, I found myself able to increase my walks to distances beyond a mile, which is major and not something I have been able to do for a very, very long time. The staff at Best Made Shoes were the reason I could walk without pain and allowed me to take care of myself following a drastic life change. If I had not received the attention and quality of service that Best Made Shoes provides, the past six months would have been literally very painful for me. It's incredible how something so simple (but rare) had such an impact on my daily life. Each walk feels like a blessing. I know it may sound dramatic, but after feeling pain with nearly every step taken for YEARS, this is a dream come true. I have never felt more enthusiastic about a small business, and I cannot say enough good things about them. I cannot wait to go back, and I will never ever buy shoes elsewhere again. The customer service alone is the best I have ever received (they took the time to size my feet AND put them on my feet without me doing anything at all!). My only regret is that I did not go here sooner. They truly changed my life, and Pittsburgh is really lucky to have them here.

Name: Linda Jansen

Message: You have made sure my shoes were correct for my feet in both fit and size. Any time I had been in your store you have always been extremely helpful. You have also done wonderful repair work.

Name: John taylor


Name: Tina Long

Subject: Birkenstocks - Arizona

Message: Quite a few years ago, my mom had heard, saw a commercial about the Birkenstock brand from Best Made Shoes, she grew up in Bloomfield, so of course she kept bugging me and bugging me about them.... I was younger, a senior in highschool, they weren't the "in" shoes to wear back then..... Finally, she just got mad after we found out I have diabetes and got me a pair. They are the most comfortablest shoes, I highly recommend them, I still have my original pair, I keep getting the soles repaired, I am 49 so you figure over 30 years ago.... Life long lover of Birkenstocks, always recommend them, and even got my hubby and daughter wearing them.

Name: Danielle Novick

Subject: Best made shoes

Message: I was starting to believe that my feet would always hurt, especially while running. Turns out I simply needed the expertise of Best Made Shoes (versus the internet) to recommend the best shoes for my feet! I spent the summer and fall of 2020 running and walking without pain :) Thank you!


Name: Jim Voland

Subject: The search is over! Comfortable shoes for all feet condition are available at BMS!

Message: Words can’t express how thankful that I am for Best-Made Shoes! After several wasted hours of online research exploring shoe companies (popular and orthopedic brands), phone calls, in store consultations, and trial and error online purchasing, I had absolutely no success with finding shoes that meet my needs. I suffer from sensory neuropathy and have Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease, and this causes the muscles in my feet to be in constant pain, progressively lose muscles/function, and require me to wear different types of bracing. Frustrated and upset, I went back to researching custom made shoes and podiatrists online. It was as if there was a huge spotlight shining down on me, a chorus of people singing in the background, and an arrowing pointing directly at Best-Made Shoes’s website. I looked through the site and emailed them explaining my shoe situation. Not long after I sent the email, Marc reached out and kindly explained various options for me and invited me to Best-Made Shoes. Upon arrival, Marc and I discussed my abilities, looked over my current shoes, analyzed my walk, and tried on different options he knew would work for my condition. I was surprised how quickly I felt relief and was able to walk more correctly than any of my previous shoe purchases from other companies! Not only did he find the right shoes for my ASO braces, but he also made me custom insoles (that supported me better than my previous insoles!) and perfectly fit me for a pair New Balance shoes with the rollbar technology to work with my Arizona braces. Marc and the Best-Made Shoes team are very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. They will clearly explain your options and give you different choices. Their prices are competitive with other retailers and are not marked up. They will not put you into an uncomfortable situation to purchase shoes. I sincerely thank Best-Made Shoes for all their guidance in making my difficult shoe search become an easy guided process. I am definitely a returning customer to Best-Made Shoes and highly recommend them to anyone!

Message Details:

Name: Katherine Schwartz

Message: Oh my goodness Its like day and night. I couldnt figure out why my soles/heels were so painful when I got out of bed in the morning. This went on for yrs until someone told me about the father and son duo who specialized in fixing this issue with orthodics. I went to their store and explained my pain. They took a mold of my feet which they used to make a pair of orthodics. It was a miracle. I was able to walk pain free. I joined my friends on morning walks which I wasn't able to do prior to wearing orthodics made by Best Made Shoes or Best Made Feet!!

Yonah Nielsen Demby


Best-Made Shoes


December 3, 2020  · 

For anyone who wears Birkenstock’s or has favorite shoes that fit just right but do not look the best here is a solution. Since I was a teenager I have been wearing Birkenstock’s. They are not comfortable at first so sometimes people do not like them. When the footbed molds to your feet they feel amazing and conform to the foot to provide comfort like an orthodic with the type of cork footbed that they have. These Birkenstock sandals shown in the photos I have are so comfortable that they are the shoes I mostly wear when I am home doing computer work, phone work, house work, cooking (standing for hours), cleaning, yard work, etc.., When I lived in Pittsburgh, Pa. for over ten years I learned so much about my feet from Marc of Best Made Shoes. We recently talked about these shoes which I often wear and he said he could fix them. That made my day. While he was fixing them I had to wear another pair of new Birkenstock’s that I already had that were not broken in yet while he was fixing my old shoes. My feet and legs were sore for a couple weeks trying to break them in. None of us have the same size for each of our feet and mine are a size 7 1/4 N for my right foot and 6 1/4 M for my left foot. They are just as comfortable as before but look so much better. Here are photos of the before and after what the shoes look like. I do not have many shoes but the ones I have are good shoes and fit well with the suggestions of Marc at Best Made Shoes. They also make custom orthodics and shoes. Thank you so much to Marc and his father for all the work you do to provide comfort for those who do not have the easiest feet to fit.

January -2024

Thank you! Ever since my diagnosis of heel issues your store has been the first place to come to for new shoes.  You all have the expertise to know the correct shoe and size for my feet. So glad to have your store in Pittsburgh.
Tonya Piscitelli

- Happy New Year

I love the attention and care that you gift to me. - Laura Samuels

Subject: My Birkenstocks

Message: I love my Birkenstocks. They have molded to my feet perfectly and I can walk without pain and discomfort. - MeeLi Lee 

Subject: Shoes help my feet

Message: Ur shoes really so help my feet. Keep them from hurting , helps the bunion I have on the one foot. If I don’t wear my shoes my tootsies hurt like the devil. 

-Sheila Mallon

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